Woven Wood Shades

Back To Basics Woven Wood Shop Collection
Made from wood, bamboo, and rattan with painted and stained finish. Some materials have natural jute, grass, and reeds. Standard features include a 7" valance and color coordinated wood tassels. Options include edge binding, privacy and blackout liner, continuous cord, cordless, and dual shades.

SDP & Kensington Woven Wood Collection Shades
Fashioned from natural reeds, fibers, and bamboo to create both formal and informal settings. Every shade is unique and distinctive due to the natural patterns and grains of the materials. Standard features include a valance and pulley lift system. Operable liner is available at no additional charge if specified when ordered. Options include continuous cord and Top-Down/Bottom-Up.

Kirsch Custom Natural Shades
Handcrafted from natural materials including grasses, bamboo, and yarns. A huge selection of patterns, colors and materials is available. Standard features include choice of valance style and color coordinated hardware to match the fabric. Options include privacy and room darkening liner, cordless, continuous cord, and day/night.